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Development of digital strategies | Business process transformation from classic, analogue to digital process and value chains

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Analyze and evaluate the digital maturity level of your company in a self-assessment - platform based, neutral and understandable approach! Use the results to develop your company-specific digitization strategy! 

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Digitaler Reifegrad - Referenzmodell & Methode

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Digital Maturity Level - Reference Model & Method

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The challenge

Development of digital strategies - business process transformation from classical, analog to digital process and value chains.


Adaptive & Agil is the new Established & Powerful!

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The Solution - Model

The interplay between maturity level questionnaire and maturity level assessment      

The existence as well as the characteristics of the digital base elements (DBE) in their property as elementary, digital abilities are analyzed. The generic and industry-specific characteristics (good & best practices) of the digital basic elements as well as the maturity level of the good & best practices are analyzed using or processing the platform-based questionnaire, weighted and then visualized.

Standardised assessment standards with regard to the maturity level of elementary, digital capabilities (DBE) create direct transparency with regard to digital weaknesses and potentials.  

Company-specific digitization strategies can be derived with transparency with regard to digital weak points and digital potentials!

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